The smart way to monitor, organize, and select your food.

Chefling keeps track of your ingredients, suggests delicious recipes based on those ingredients, and automatically creates a shopping list with the other ingredients you need for the given recipe!


Hands Free Voice Control

Chefling has developed an Amazon Echo skill that allows Echo users to seamlessly integrate Chefling’s kitchen experience with 100% hands free voice control.

"Alexa, open My Chef..."


Smart Cookbook

Chefling recommends recipes that use ingredients you already have. Get the most out of your kitchen by using all your food to its full potential!

Match Recipes with Your Pantry!

Shopping Lists

Found a recipe you like? Just click one button to add the missing ingredients to your synced shopping list. What's more, shopping list in the notification center makes it possible to view your items within seconds even on locked screen!


Keep Track of Your Pantry

Chefling monitors your ingredients and their freshness. Don't let your food go to waste!

Your Ingredients are Automatically Categorized


Sync Your Kitchen
with the Whole Family

Create a Chefling group to sync your kitchen information across every family member’s device. Keep an up-to-date inventory, share shopping lists and favorite recipes.



Get back to the joy of cooking without the hassle of logistics.

Don't remember if you have an ingredient at home? Chefling does. Can't think of what to cook? Chefling gives you hundreds of healthy recipes at your fingertips.

Everything you and your family needs, in one simple app. 


Embrace a new lifestyle!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why "This email address has been registered"?

A: Chefling app and Alexa skill My Chef use the same account. If you registered on your Echo already, just LOGIN on your Chefling app with same account and password. No need to Sign Up again.

Q: How to change the categories of an item in Pantry?

A: We do not have this option in the current version, but will implement it in a major update in late December.

Q: Why the password resetting page "Not Found"?

A: We are updating the backend server for the major update of app in late December and the password resetting page is temporarily down. Please send an email to support@chefling.net for password resetting inquiry, and we will help you out quickly.

Q: How to import my own recipes?

A: We are working on this feature now, and expect to release an update in late January.

Q: How to change the quantity of an item in Pantry?

A: By tapping an item in Pantry, you will see a green bar that you can swipe left or right. It represent how many percents of this item is left. Or you can tell Alexa by saying "Tell my chef that milk is running low."  Or "Tell my chef that milk runs out."

Q: Why the screen is "zoomed-in"?

A: For iOS users, please update Chefling to the latest version and it will be solved. For Android users, please send an email to support@chefling.net to let us know the device model you are using, and we will try to figure out quickly.