The smart way to organize, and consume your food.

Simply by taking a picture of the grocery receipt, Chefling can extract every ingredient out of it, put them in the right category, and bring up recipes you can make based off these ingredients.


Hands Free Experience

Chefling has developed a skill on Amazon Echo and Google Home to seamlessly integrate Chefling’s kitchen experience with 100% hands free voice control.

"Alexa/Ok Google, open My Chef..."


Smart Cookbook

Chefling leverages knowledge of your food inventory to suggest delicious, on-trend recipes that require minimal new shopping allowing you to use your existing food to its full potential.

Alexa command "Alexa, ask My Chef what's for dinner?"

 Match Recipes with Your Pantry!
1-pantry color.png

Keep Track of Your Pantry

Use Barcode Scanner or Receipt Scanner to register your ingredients to Pantry. Chefling will help you monitor their freshness and give you a gentle reminder when they are about to expire.

Your Ingredients are automatically categorized and labeled with an approximate best by date.

Alexa command "Alexa, tell My Chef we are out of ice cream."


Shopping Lists

Found a recipe you like? A simple click will add your missing ingredients to your synced shopping list. Once purchased, a swipe of the finger, or photo of the receipt will instantly populate your Pantry with your new food inventory, allowing for even more recommended recipes to prepare.

Alexa command "Alexa, add milk to my list."


Sync Your Kitchen
with the Whole Family

Create a Chefling group to sync your kitchen information across every family member’s device. Keep an up-to-date inventory, share shopping lists and favorite recipes.



Get back to the joy of cooking without the hassle of logistics.

Don't remember if you have an ingredient at home? Chefling does. Can't think of what to cook? Chefling gives you hundreds of healthy recipes at your fingertips.

Everything you and your family needs, in one simple app. 


Embrace a new lifestyle!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What to do when My Chef skill lost connection on Echo?

A: Simply disable the skill, then re-enable it with your account and password.

Q: How to delete items in my Pantry/Shopping list?

A: Swipe left on the desired item to reveal the option to remove it from the Pantry. In Shopping list, click on the pencil icon on top right and select Edit. Then, select the items you want to delete. 

Q: Can I upload my own recipes?

A: Not for now. We will support importing recipes from a series of websites to Chefling soon. Uploading personal recipes will come after that.