Heatwave Getting to You? Try Our Top 5 Coolers!

As America gears up for the fourth of July celebrations, a challenge worse than ruining the perfect barbecue on the independence holiday lies ahead.


A dangerous heat wave has the country worried. Millions of Americans under the nation’s midsection feel nature’s wrath as temperatures hit a sweltering 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the first week of July. Unfortunately, it’s expected to become worse and places like Chicago, Kansas City, and Minneapolis might also see temperatures soaring above 115 degrees. The National Weather Service has even issued excessive heat watches and warnings to the affected areas to avoid dangerous situations concerning heat illnesses.

But don’t let the temperature get you and your upcoming holiday spirit down! We’ve put together our favorite recipes to help you cool off from the heat and make the best out of the situation.

An instant hit among the young and old, this vintage lemonade recipe is quick and easy! Peel lemon rinds and let them soak with sugar. Bring water to boil and pour the sugared lemon rinds to get a sugar mixture. Use the same sugar mixture with lemon water. Stir, freeze and pour and lo, behold! The best lemonade ever.

If you love strawberries, this recipe will find itself making it right to the top of your list. Get started with some fresh orange juice, strawberries, and sugar in a blender. Blend until the berries are pureed and exhibit richness and texture. Some ice and ginger ale to top it up, and you might very well find yourself lazing on the couch with this refreshing drink.

If you’re looking for a drink that’s rejuvenating, simple and nutritious, look no further! This no-fuss recipe should help you get through the heat without too many questions asked. Blend strawberries, cucumber, ice, and coconut water. Garnish with a slice of lemon. Sorted!

Sometimes all you need is magic and the other times, a Sparkle Punch! Stir together some delicious cranberry and lemonade juice, top it with some ginger ale and some lemon slices. Also works well if you want to spice it up with some vodka or some classy bourbon!

Iced tea is one of the few beverages that has emerged as a winner among people opting for a healthy and refreshing drink. A must try for all the tea lovers, here’s another with a twist. Bring together some tea and mint leaves in simmering water. Strain the leaves and stir some lemon juice and honey with it. Refrigerate and serve with mint sprigs. We can bet you’ll like it!


We hope you love the recipes. Also, Don’t forget to hydrate!