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UI/UX Designer

We are hiring UI/UX designer to join our California team and work on a consumer facing mobile app, which brings innovative experience for people's kitchen life. 


  • Good at graphical designs.  
  • Be able to design and conduct user research.
  • Passionate about food, culture and beauty of simplicity. 

NLP Engineer

After keyboard, mouse and finger, what's next? Yes, it's the voice! 


  • Solid understanding in machine learning.
  • Experience in natural language processing at least 2 years.
  • Familiar with C/C++ or Java.
  • Better if have basic knowledge of Amazon's Alexa.

Food Editor

We need an enthusiastic expert to bring professional content to our users.


  • Enthusiastic about home cooking
  • Online social media know-how (from Facebook to Instagram)
  • Good knowledge of food culture in US.
  • Be able to evaluate, adjust, and classify recipes. 
  • Good communications skills to establish and nurture relationships with with food bloggers and influencers on Instagram.
  • Better if have content editing experience.


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