Providing the ultimate solutions for smart kitchens through software.


Chefling is an early stage software startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, founded by a group of Northwestern alumni two years ago, backed by prestigious venture capital from the US. We also have a development center located in Bangalore, India. 

Here at Chefling, we provide the ultimate solution for the smart kitchen by building an AI driven assistant to streamline people’s time and budget for all kitchen needs. Chefling is the soul software that will interact with people directly and give intelligence to current kitchen hardwares/appliances. 

Kitchen is the perfect place for voice control, and it’s also an important use case for smart speakers such as Echo and Google Home. Right now, Chefling has one of the most popular Alexa skills in this vertical. By combining voice control and a user friendly mobile app, we can provide intelligent kitchen experience that people had dreamed for years.