How do I setup my Chefling app to work with Google Home?

To set up the Chefling app to your Google Home device you will need to download both the Google Home and Google Assistant apps. Open the Google Assistant app, go to ‘Explore.’ -> Search ‘Chefling.’ -> Click ‘Link.’ Sign in using your Chefling app username/password.

Does my Chefling app work with Apple's HomePod/Siri?

The Chefling app does work with Siri but can only add items to your Shopping List and Pantry at this time. The Chefling app currently does not work with HomePod, but we’re looking to add this capability in the future.

How do I use the Chefling app with my voice assistant devices?

To use the Chefling app with your voice assistant devices, please refer to our sample list of My Chef commands including adding items to your pantry, shopping list or relevant recipes.

I am trying to add a family member to create a group. The response is "user not found." How do I add family members to a group?

Family members need to create a Chefling account before they can be added to a group. Once family members are registered, go to User Account -> 'Family' -> 'Add.'  To search for family members, simply search their name or registered email address. 

Is there a limit to how many members can be in a group?

There is no limit to the number of members you can add to a group. 

Is there a tablet version of the Chefling app?

A tablet version of the Chefling app will be available in Q3 2018.

Can I access my Chefling account from a desktop? Is there a plug-in for my browser?

Currently, the Chefling app is only available on mobile devices. However, Chefling is always expanding its feature set, and plans to bring desktop capabilities to users in Q4 2018.

How do I reconnect my My Chef skill if I lose connection with my Amazon Echo?

To re-connect the My Chef skill to your Amazon Echo:

  1. Disable the skill.
  2. Re-enable the skill using your account and password.

Pantry/Shopping List

How do I delete items in my Pantry or my Shopping List?

To delete items from your Pantry, swipe left on the desired item to reveal the option to remove it. To delete items from your Shopping List, click on the pencil icon on top right and select ‘Edit’. Select the items you want to delete and click ‘Remove’ at the bottom of the screen. 

How do I cross items off my Shopping List?

To cross items off your Shopping List simply tap on the item.

Can I customize the order of pantry categories in the app?

This feature will be available in Q2 2018.

How do I update items that have been categorized incorrectly?

To update items that have been categorized incorrectly, click on the item you want to re-categorize -> go to ‘Category’ -> select ‘New Category’ -> hit ‘Done.’

How do I add items to my pantry if I do not have a physical receipt (e.g., items purchased from Amazon Fresh) ?

Currently, there are (2) options to add items to your pantry when not scanning a physical receipt. Users can manually input/scan the barcode to add the item to their pantry or they can add items via voice assistance (e.g. – “Ok, Alexa add ‘baking soda’ to my pantry”).

When I scanned a barcode, the app added an incorrect item to my pantry. Can I edit this?

You currently are unable to edit items added to the pantry. However, if you manually correct the item, Chefling will correctly categorize and input the item to your pantry in the future. Chefling’s database of barcodes is constantly expanding to incorporate more items.

Why is the barcode scanner unable to read my items?

Your device may not be reading the code correctly. Make sure you have adequate lighting so that the barcode is scanned correctly.


How can I upload my own recipes?

At this time, you cannot upload your own recipes into the Chefling app.  However, Chefling is always expanding its feature set, including the ability to import recipes from existing websites and personal recipes. These features will be available starting in Q3 2018.

The recipes I see are not relevant to the pantry. Does Chefling plan to take information from the pantry to drive the feed?

Chefling is always working to improve the user experience, including finding the best recipes to match the items in your pantry. We continue to make improvements, so please make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

Can I share recipes from the Chefling app with others?

The ability to share recipes from the app will be supported in Q3 2018.