Chefling helps you manage the kitchen smarter.

From providing intuitive recipe suggestions, managing the pantry, taking care of grocery needs, to coordinating with your smart devices to simplify the cooking experience, Chefling can do it all!




Manage your pantry seamlessly. Simply take a picture of your receipt to add items to your pantry and keep track of items when ingredients are about to expire.




 Get recipe suggestions based on ingredients available in your pantry and dietary preferences and enjoy a smarter connected cooking experience. 



Enjoy a unified shopping experience. Build shopping lists and shop on the go for grocery items from major retailers and get them delivered right to your doorstep. 


Everyday recipes


At your fingertips

Chefling helps you decide ‘what to cook now’. Get personalized recipe suggestions based on ingredients available in your pantry and dietary preferences.

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Your kitchen needs

all in one place 


Add missing ingredients to your shopping list with one click. Chefling syncs your shopping list in real-time with family members to manage your shopping.


A truly connected home w

ith the power of your voice



Enjoy hands-free cooking with Alexa, Google Home and Siri. Intelligently manage everything from your pantry to recipes with ease.


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Connected cooking

with the smarter approach


Connect your smart appliances with Chefling and and take complete control of your kitchen with the ability to coordinate across multiple appliances at the same time. With Chefling, smart appliances work in symphony.



“I LOVE that this is front end and back end! I cook A LOT and am really passionate about food waste.” – D. Siu, Mashable
“Oh, I am DEFINITELY going to be using this at home!” – B. Fowler, Consumer Reports

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