Cook Smarter with UltraConnect™

With the ability to identify and coordinate appropriate appliances and settings for any recipe, Chefling’s UltraConnect™ technology bridges the gap between recipes and smart kitchen appliances. With UltraConnect™, every recipe is smarter.


Recipes that are “ready to cook”

Chefling helps you decide ‘what to cook now’. Get personalized recipe suggestions based on ingredients available in your pantry and dietary preferences.


Follow food blogs and your interests

Chefling lets your follow your favorite food blogs and generates a feed of recipes that match your interests.


Import and upload recipes

You can import any recipes on the Internet to the Chefling app. If you have your own recipes, you can upload it to Chefling and enjoy all the benefits of smart cooking.


Plan, all in one place

Managing each meal for the entire family can be stressful. Chefling can help you make a plan within a few taps, so you can enjoy more worry-free time with your love ones.


Grocery made easy

Add missing ingredients to your shopping list with one touch. Chefling syncs your shopping list in real-time with family members to manage your grocery shopping.


Connect with smart appliances

Connect your smart appliances with Chefling and take complete control of your kitchen with the ability to coordinate across multiple appliances at the same time. With Chefling, smart appliances work in symphony.