Cook Hands-free with Chefling!

How would you feel to be hands-free when hands-on? In a world where technology is reducing our meticulous tasks to that of just a thumb; or even a voice. What do you see when you open up your fridge? Do you see endless possibilities or a tedious maze? 

Chefling provides you with the ultimate solution for the smart kitchen, delivering cost-savings, convenience, and a personalized assistant. Being one of the only smart kitchen apps that incorporate your grocery preferences, intuitive recipe suggestion, shopping list management, and voice assistant integration into one platform to make cooking more enjoyable. 

The adorable logo denotes the memory powers of an elephant, also symbolizing reliability. The app has been trained to retain and respond. The makers of Chefling noticed that there were voice assistant devices for the bedroom and living room, but not yet in the kitchen. So, they tied up with the latest voice assists which make life so much easier. Imagine literally getting your hands dirty in the kitchen and then constantly having to clean up to use your device. Having this tiny assistant makes life so much easier. 

The Chefling app has been made compatible with voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. You can use the app with your voice assistant devices to add items to your pantry, that you constantly keep forgetting.  Aid those random additions to your shopping list which would eventually slip your mind, if not noted. Now it’ll be so much easier to search through your favorite recipes or complete that one challenge that you’ve been wanting to take on but haven’t quite had the motivation.

So, whether you consider yourself a ‘MasterChef’ or someone who’s trying to fulfill hunger pangs, all you need to do is shout out to your most faithful assistant when you’re drowning in gravy or feeling the urge to get cooking!