Grand Fourth of July Cookout

Fun, Fireworks And Food!

A distant chatter of kids playing, men and women enjoying their time at the backyard with some bubbling beer, a faint but aromatic smell of barbecued meat and veggies on a grill, and it’s already starting to look like heaven!

There’s no better way to say it. Happy Birthday, America!

It’s no surprise that the fourth of July is the favourite holiday of America! The independence day holiday has always been so much more than a historic day. It’s a dawn of a simpler day; spending time with friends and family, the carnival and the parade, the fireworks; all in the hues of white, blue and red!

It’s also a great time to walk the streets, especially with the sunny weather, beautifully decorated homes, and all the savory FOOD! While you can’t miss the parade, the American flag decor, or the independence spirit, there’s a special place reserved for the spread.

Food has always played an integral part in the celebration of the American Independence. The holiday is known for its all-American barbecue and grill for its smoky flavors and texture, sizzling hot dogs, juicy corn on the cob, S’mores and of course dessert! Age-old food traditions also see the prevalence of decoration of dishes in the nation’s colors. (Yes, we’re already thinking about the parfait and pie!)

While the fireworks would light up the American skies, there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t light up your cooking! This 4th of July, we’ve rounded up a few hacks to make this holiday a memorable one for you.

  • Keeping It Simple - It’s always great to plan ahead and start as per schedule, but sometimes plans don’t pan out. Don’t fret, consider a low-fuss menu that is quick, easy and convenient to make. Always try for a new recipe with a smaller group first than experimenting on an important day such as this. There are numerous ways to make food that’s appealing and delicious. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different foods. If all else fails, your grandma’s famous recipe should also do the trick!
  • Lighting Up The Decor - You don’t need fancy decor to express your holiday spirit, all you need is some creativity. Simplicity and DIY are your two best friends. Since the theme is Patriotism, you need plenty of red, blue and white. Look out for napkins, signage, ribbons, posters to deck it up. Improvise with quotes and flags as the backdrop to have your own unique look.
  • For The Foodie In You - The most essential part of any celebration is the food. Begin your party with appetizers and drinks, bring out plenty of chips and dips (that’s usually a favorite). If you have the time and space, set up a snack station for sides. Make sure you’re loaded on potato chips, pretzel, tortillas, and some dips to go with it. Also, a big hit if you’re expecting kids! 
  • Grilling It Out - Succulent pieces of meat, charred with the smoky flavors of lip smacking sauces and spices, accompanied with a choice of chips and dips, this is the story of a barbecue delight! Begin with grilled corn on the cob, burgers, hotdogs and ribs. Couple the meat dishes with marinade and brine to bring out the rich flavor, top it up with some amazing sauces and you have a winner! Try experimenting with herbs, spices, condiments and different toppings to complement the dish. Good luck!
  • The Final Touch - You’re almost there. This is the most important thing to do: Sit back, relax and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Whip up your signature drink to compliment the moment and make sure you reach out for the Karaoke too. You’ve worked hard, you’ve toiled to make that BBQ happen, you’ve struggled to make your house look exquisite, now it's time to celebrate!

Have a great time! Let us know how you celebrated your 4th of July!