Shop Online – Now Shop Directly from Chefling!

In the recent years, technology has become one of the greatest drivers of convenience in making day-to-day tasks simple and fast. Whether you’re busy with chores or caught up at work, it's the little details that help you with your routine and change how we interact with technology.

When we started Chefling, the sole idea was to make the cooking experience better. Our intelligent pantry management and smart list have made kitchen management easier. And now, with our smart shopping list, we’re ready to raise the benchmark for building effective and practical solutions for the smart kitchen. Our existing shopping list allowed users to build smart shopping lists using the barcode/receipt scanning feature. We wanted to go further and bridge the gap between the shopping list and grocery shopping. Based on popular demand, we’re excited to announce the all-new Shop Online feature enabling shopping for grocery items directly from the app!*

How does it work?

Chefling intelligently manages all your items on the shopping list and builds your order (so, you don’t have to individually add items elsewhere! ). Once done, Chefling finds all your items with quantity and brand of your preferred shopping retailer or grocer and directs you to checkout.

Why shop on Chefling?

When it comes to shopping, we’ve always believed that the experience should be seamless. We’re betting on building an experience that’s less mechanical and transactional, more immersive and practical. With a direct integration with your shopping list, you can essentially skip the hassle and shop all items with one click!

Shop Online Now!

To begin, simply start adding items to your shopping list. Alternatively, If you like a recipe on the app, add items to your shopping list by tapping on ‘Add to shopping list’. Once ready, tap on the ‘Shop online’ button and all your items from your shopping list will be moved to the cart. You can now select your preferred choice of shopping retailer or grocer and confirm your checkout. And voila! Items delivered to your doorstep, quick and easy!

*Currently, live only in the US market.